Rev. Meido Tuttle

The chief priest of the temple, Rev. Meido Tuttle, is a disciple of the late Rev. Master Jiyu Kennett, who was Abbess of Shasta Abbey and the Founder of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. Rev. Meido was ordained by her in 1980, trained at Shasta Abbey monastery for 22 years, and was named a Master in the Order in 1999. She began serving as a Buddhist priest in northeast Oregon in 2003.

Rev. Clairissa Beattie

Rev. Clairissa Beattie, a disciple of Rev. Meido, came to the Wallowa Buddhist Temple in 2010 after more than ten years of monastic training in the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. A Buddhist priest and teacher, Rev. Clairissa assists Rev. Meido in the daily services and other activities of the temple.